phpBay Pro Reviews

Over the past few years, a number of customers have sent along reviews of phpBay Pro. These are real reviews from real customers for which I'm very grateful. Some of these are from a review on Digital Point Forums and those guys can be kind of tough! If you would like to send a review, I'd be happy to add it to the list below.

"phpBay Pro is one of those products our site simply wouldn't work without. We tried "other" alternatives to build our "niche" store but it did not live up to the hype. phpBay Pro however did!

The script and plugin is wonderfully written and when eBay launched the new EPN, the new version was out the same day. Now THAT is service and support. Wade is a great guy and always willing to help if there are problems which is rare with developers these days.

The best feature however is how search engine frieldly phpBay makes your site. Custom URLs, encrypted links and not directly linking to ebay makes this a winner. I am a real person and I rarely leave testimonials, however this time it is warranted.

If you have not bought phpBay Pro, do it. It will pay for itself in a matter of days."

- Dave

"Before I bought phpBay Pro, I looked at some other products and they all left me unimpressed. Finding phpBay Pro has been one of the best things I've done to increase and diversify my online earnings.

It's very easy to install, configure and use. I'm building, on average, one complete new site each day with this software. And, they're not "thin affiliate" sites, either... phpBay Pro allows me to integrate a few other pieces of software that turns my work into sites the search engines LOVE!

Absolutely EVERYONE that I refer to one of my phpBay Pro powered web sites comes back to thank me for providing them with such a valuable source for easily finding the very things they've been searching for.

Wade is a genius at producing clean, usable code that works all the time, under nearly all circumstances. phpBay Pro is extremely user friendly. Wade stays on top of the update process too, to keep everything functioning smoothly.

He is also one of the most responsive software producers I've dealt with and, I've dealt with a LOT of them. Ask a question and, before you can grab a cup of coffee and check your email, there's a response in your in-box.

I highly recommend Wade and phpBay Pro!"

- Paul Ellis

Great script! Well worth the money, and one of the best I have seen yet!

Great plugin, this is working out very well on my blogs.

Just bought my copy! thanks for all the help and quick responses.

It runs through EPN or Mediaplex. And yes I am making additional money from eBay through the EPN program. I was first using *competitor here* but I like this script better for my purposes.

I bought this script the other night and just wanted to let everyone know that the owner (don’t know if he wants his name publicized) really bends over backwards to make sure that his customers are happy. I was having problems integrating the script into my own application and he was more than happy to answer my questions promptly and courteously.

I recently purchased this script. First of all, Wade is amazing at helping you get things up and running, and even going the extra mile afterwards. Cognitive dissonance? He kills it. Second of all, the script itself is great. Ridiculously simple and very customizable. I’d recommend this to anybody.

Just passing this along….PHPBay is an outstanding product. I have tried and still use many other approaches (*competitor here*, Editor Kits, RSS feeds, etc.). Each has their advantages, but none of them hide the affiliate links like PHPBay. Also, Wade himself is a gentleman and a scholar. A pleasure to work with.

I just wanted to thank Wade for the great script! I got it working flawlessly on a few sites and one that i was having problems with he help me along and gave me some great pointers. If anyone is on the fence regarding this script, dont be and buy it!

Wade is a real pro with a great script. I was having an issue with my host and he dove right in and helped me sort it out. The support he provided was beyond what I ever expected. I have never seen such a script at this price. I was talking to another member six months ago about something similar, but less featured, and the price was about 20 times this offer. If you are the fence, don’t be. This is well worth the asking price - many times over!

There are many reviews of phpBay Pro and phpZon Pro on the web. Many of my customers have blogged about their successes with EPN (Ebay Partner Network) and phpBay Pro and written unsolicited reviews. Most are very positive. A few are critical and that's ok, it helps me build a better product!