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phpZon Pro Amazon Plugin for WordPress
Introducing version 2.x of phpZon Pro for WordPress, an amazing Amazon plugin for WordPress that adds rich targeted keyword based items to your pages or posts using the Amazon Product Advertising API.

phpZon Pro derived in early 2009 as a result of numerous customer requests for a simple to use Amazon plugin for WordPress. With input from customers on our support forums, phpZon Pro for WordPress was born with a rich set of features worthy of a first release and many more to come!

In December 2009, through April 2010, I began a massive update of phpZon Pro for WordPress. Using customer feedback from our support forums, phpZon Pro 2.x has matured into an absolute "must have" Amazon plugin for earning revenue on the forum. Features are endless coupled with strong user interface design to make adding Amazon search results or individual products as easy and accurate as possible.

Using phpZon Pro for WordPress, you can quickly add keyword rich product lists, with or without product descriptions (or a "snip" of a product description) within the content of your WordPress pages or posts, providing instant impulse buying options to your site visitors!

Amazon Plugin Features

  • Uses signature authentication for Amazon's new Product Advertising API.
  • Works with Canada, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and United States.
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) urls feature.
  • Menu builders to help create accurate and refined search results.
  • Choose an Amazon sort value to return the best results.
  • Unique sidebar widget that allows for a global sidebar widget or a per page/post sidebar widget.
  • Pagination support for search queries, ten items per page with automatic paging built-in.
  • Select pagination css style from menu, to give paging results the best fit for your theme.
  • jquery Tab support for ASIN products provide a professional look and feel.
  • trackingid can be changed for each query.
  • country can be changed per page/post.
  • Simple buttons to select recommended settings.
  • Easily build custom templates based on existing templates. Template names are automatically added to list in menu builders.
  • Display Product Features.
  • Display Product Description.
  • Display Compact (snip) Product Description.
  • List Customer Reviews.
  • Filter Products Currently Unavailable. (There are some limits to this unique feature)
  • Filter Products without Images.
  • Display Products within a SearchIndex.
  • Display Products within a BrowseNode ID.
  • Display Images in Small, Medium or Large Format.
  • List a product by a specific ASIN.
  • Show extended product information for CDs and DVDs.
  • Access to our members only support forum.
  • Comprehensive user manual with step-by-step instructions.

phpZon Pro Amazon Plugin Screenshots

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phpZon Pro Plugin for WordPress

phpZon Pro - Amazon Plugin

Install, Activate, Set your Options and simply click a menu builder to easily build your search queries!

phpZon Pro 2.x is so simple, even a cave..., well you know! What separates phpZon Pro from other WordPress Amazon Plugins is it's simplistic menu builders. You simply point and click on available options, enter your keywords, save, and you've created products for your site visitors. It's really that simple! Take a look at the image gallery above, and you can see a screen shot taken, to illustrate how simple it is to add phpZon Pro for WordPress to your blog pages or posts.

With phpZon Pro Amazon Plugin, you have complete control over what products you want to show your customers, where in your content you want to display them and what information from those products you want to display!

Please note that if you live in Colorado, you should not purchase the phpZon Pro Amazon plugin or API. Colorado recently enacted house bill HB 10-1193, which has forced Amazon to release all Colorado based Amazon affiliates.

Instant Download! Order phpZon Pro Amazon Plugin for WordPress online, securely, using Paypal. After your order is complete, you will receive an email with instructions to login to your store account and another email with instructions on creating a forum account to access our members only forum.