phpBay Pro FAQ

Q. Is the phpBay Pro License for one site, or can I use it on my other sites?
A. The license is not restricted to a single domain. You can use phpBay Pro on as many sites as you own. In fact, the more sites you have, potentially the more earnings you can achieve!

Q. I'm a beginner with html and php. Will I be able to use the API?
A. I generally try to discourage users that are new to html and/or php from purchasing the API version. You really should have some html development experience. Having said that, the API is not difficult to use. It's very well documented and very easy to use, but it's not something a completely new user would want to start their html learning experiences with! Beginners should instead use the WordPress version, as WordPress is very simple to get up and running.

Q. Will this work with other countries besides the USA?
A. Yes! phpBay Pro works with all countries within the Ebay Partner Network.

Q. What are the server requirements to run phpBay Pro?
A. PHP 4.1.x or greater. CURL must be available and most hosts offer this. Mod_rewrite is required if using the SEO URLs option.

Q. Can I sell sites made with phpBay Pro or phpZon Pro?
A. The license agreement (presented during checkout) prohibits transfering the phpBay Pro software to a third party. The correct way to sell a site would be to install phpBay Lite (a very limited, but free version) and transfer the site contents to the new owner and have them purchase their own phpBay Pro license. Alternatively, you can signup for the phpBay Pro Affiliate Program and purchase a license for the customer, or have them use your affiliate link and earn additional revenue.