phpBay Pro and RSS 2.0 – Upcoming Transition

May 10, 2012 by admin  
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phpBay Pro 4.x was released in late 2011 to comply with the latest RSS 2.0 technology from Ebay Partner Network.  Prior versions of phpBay Pro used the RSS Server.  The latest version of phpBay Pro is available for all customers who need to update for the May 31st, 2012 deadline and is fully compliant with Ebay's RSS 2.0 technology.

To upgrade, customers can login to their store account and download the latest version of phpBay Pro.  Be sure to read the user manual included in the .zip file as it has important upgrade information, step-by-step installation instructions along with new features documented to help customers get the most out of the product.  In addition, customers should also visit the support forums for the latest information and announcements.

Customers needing help with their store login and/or accessing the support forums can use the contact page to contact us for login details.

phpBay Pro 4.x is a major upgrade from earlier versions and utilizes the latest EPN RSS 2.0 technology to ensure it will be compatible with Ebay Partner Network's affiliate program for years to come.


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