phpZon Pro 2.3.5 for WordPress – March 2012 – Amazon Plugin

March 9, 2012 by admin  
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Over the past few months, there have been several updates to phpZon Pro for WordPress, the Amazon Plugin for WordPress.

One of the more important updates was when Amazon announced that in February of 2012, they would only be using API version 2011-08-01 or later.  The current phpZon Pro for WordPress plugin has been updated to reflect this change and works fine with this Amazon API version.

Support for Spain and Italy was added as well.  If you are planning on supporting Italy or Spain, or are looking for a plugin that does support these two recently added countries, phpZon Pro 2.3.x supports these.

A few minor bugs have been fixed.  Notably with the sidebar widget, which has the a global sidebar widget and the ability to override the global sidebar widget on a per page/post basis.  Timeouts were added to the CURL calls to Amazon that can be edited (along with many other items) in the english.php file, in case Amazon services go down.  Probably not likely, as we see with Ebay, but it's there just in case, so that pages can timeout quickly in case Amazon goes down and keep your server running smoothly.

2.x also introduces caching of products.  A much needed features, as Amazon now limits the number of queries per hour an affiliate can use.  This feature is an absolute must for the power Amazon affiliate and is very easy to manage/use.

phpZon Pro for WordPress continues to be updated with new features making it on the best values and widely used Amazon plugins on the market today.

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