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March 9, 2012 by admin  
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In late 2011, phpBay Pro v4 for WordPress was released and received well by the Ebay affiliate community. Over the past five years, this top selling Ebay Plugin has been continually updated to keep up with the latest changes, improve the product and add customer requests.

This was a major release and has already been updated several times over the past few months, including February 2012 with another update pending release.

v4 was completely rewritten from the ground up, replacing previous v3 versions. v4 moves phpBay Pro from Ebay's RSS Server (which had been used since it's inception, to Ebay's RSS Feed v2. Ebay announced last year that their RSS Server would eventually be going offline, so it was important to move the product over to their new Server/Feed.

v4 has many new features that make it a much better product that previous versions:

  • Every line of code rewritten and optimized for best performance.
  • Introduction of english.php where all text is stored and can easily be edited in the english.php file for maximum customization.
  • New popup builders where users can point/click to build complex queries with simplicity.
  • Moved from [tags] to internally supported WordPress shortcodes. This makes it much easier to construct a shortcode without worrying about the order of parameters.
  • Support for "legacy code," meaning your older v3 tags will still work in the newer version. This means you will not be spending hours of your time going back and updating older sites. Simply install v4, activate your license key, and your older v3 tags should work fine.
  • Support for Skimlinks has been added. With Skimlinks, you do not need an EPN account.
  • Upcoming support for Viglink. This is currently ready for release, pending a final email from Viglinks support verifying the the link structure.
  • Custom template support. In past versions, there were two templates. One for columns and one non-column template. Now, you can create customized templates and have many different template styles. %%tags%% are well documented.
  • New sidebar functionality allows for a global sidebar, then you can override the global sidebar on any page or post, so that you can match your main page/post listings with complimentary listings for the sidebar on that page or post.

There are so many more new features to v4 and it's continually being updated. I've had a few potential customers ask recently if the product was still alive. I admit I'm not as good on keeping the main site up, but behind the scenes and in the support forums, things are very active and the product is continually being updated. Sometimes as often as a few times per month.

phpBay Pro just celebrated it's fifth birthday. Five years of continually being updated and refined with thousands of customers from around the world make phpBay Pro the most loved and used Ebay plugins on the market today.

If you're wondering if the product is still around, still being updated, still being used by the top Ebay affiliates, the answer is a resounding yes! phpBay Pro is the choice for top Ebay affiliates using WordPress and is better than ever!

You can download the latest version of phpBay Pro for WordPress in your store account.

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