phpBay Pro

phpBay Pro for Wordpress phpBay Pro for Wordpress

The best Ebay plugin on the market for adding keyword rich auctions to your posts or pages in Wordpress.

phpBay Pro API phpBay Pro API

An extensible API for adding Ebay auctions to php driven sites like Joomla, Drupal and X Site Pro.

phpZon Pro

Amazon Wordpress Plugin Amazon Wordpress Plugin

Powerful Amazon plugin adds keyword rich content and items to your Wordpress pages and posts.

phpZon Pro API phpZon Pro API

An extensible Amazon Script for adding content to php driven sites like Joomla, Drupal and X Site Pro.


phpBay Pro and RSS 2.0 – Upcoming Transition

phpBay Pro 4.x was released in late 2011 to comply with the latest RSS 2.0 technology from Ebay Partner Network.  Prior versions of phpBay Pro used the RSS Server.  The latest version of phpBay Pro is available for all customers who need to update for the May 31st, 2012 deadline and is fully compliant with Ebay's RSS 2.0 technology. To upgrade, customers... [Read more of this review]

phpZon Pro 2.3.5 for WordPress – March 2012 – Amazon Plugin

Over the past few months, there have been several updates to phpZon Pro for WordPress, the Amazon Plugin for WordPress. One of the more important updates was when Amazon announced that in February of 2012, they would only be using API version 2011-08-01 or later.  The current phpZon Pro for WordPress plugin has been updated to reflect this change... [Read more of this review]

phpBay Pro v4 for WordPress – 2012

In late 2011, phpBay Pro v4 for WordPress was released and received well by the Ebay affiliate community. Over the past five years, this top selling Ebay Plugin has been continually updated to keep up with the latest changes, improve the product and add customer requests. This was a major release and has already been updated several times over the... [Read more of this review]

phpZon Pro for WordPress 2.1.4 Released

phpZon Pro for WordPress, version 2.1.4 was released in the past few weeks.  This version complied with new changes that Amazon made to their Product Advertising API.  Specifically, reviews are now displayed via an iFrame url. Additionally, file caching was introduced in this version to help offset new quotas that Amazon has placed into affect.  You... [Read more of this review]

phpZon Pro for WordPress 2.0.3 Released Today

Minor update for phpZon Pro today.  This version adds an %%Author%% token/support to display the Author name.  This would most commonly be used when displaying books. A minor bug was fixed dealing with compact (truncated) descriptions.  The most recent version of the best Amazon Plugin for WordPress is available in your store account! phpZon Pro... [Read more of this review]

phpZon Pro for WordPress 2.0 Released Today

phpZon Pro for WordPress 2.0, a feature rich Amazon plugin for WordPress, was released this morning. This is a major update with many new features. Over the past five months, I've been in a "development mode" and have completely revamped phpZon Pro for WordPress. New features include: Menu builders to help create accurate and refined search results. Choose... [Read more of this review]

phpBay Pro Critical Update

Yesterday morning, EPN made a sudden announcement regarding a new link structure for Ebay affiliate links. As you can see, the information was vague at best and lacking in any details. A group of phpBay Pro forum members and myself spent the day researching, and early this morning, came up with a fix to the new linking structure for phpBay Pro users. The... [Read more of this review]

phpBay Pro 3.1.3 New Release

This version includes the following updates: 1. Small bug fix that was noted on the support forums on number of items displayed. 2. Removed Hong Kong and Singapore from the list of countries due to Ebay removing these programs earlier in the year. 3. Changed default templates so that the image is now a clickable link. 4. Update user manual with... [Read more of this review]

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